We purchased a fully built out Mercedes Sprinter Van from Tera Vans in Camarillo in November 2022 and couldn’t be happier! Alfredo, Drew and the entire team at Tera Vans are the best in the business. Not only are they craftsmen they are true gentleman. We couldn’t get our stove to come on and Alfredo drove to us on a Sunday and helped us out.

They are always available for big or little questions. We keep adding accessories to our new van and time and time again they advise us and install everything. We would highly recommend Tera Vans for anyone looking for a new van build or wanting to have custom work done on their current van.

Ventura, CA

Ray & Cindy

Alfredo, Andrew, and Cesar make for the perfect trio of builders at Tera Vans. The three were extremely responsive, patient, and skillful in their work. Not only did they provide a quality van build that I’ve been able to live out of full-time, but months after my purchase, they’ve also gone above and beyond what I would expect with excellent support and advice.

I had been considering van life for over a year and almost bought one to work on myself in 2021. I have no experience with plumbing and very limited experience with woodworking and electricity. DIY guides are available on YouTube, but it would have taken me years of energy and time to even gather the materials, experiences, and skills necessary to pull off a build of this caliber. I could not be happier with my decision to trust them.

You could be a first time van lifer, a veteran, or a weekender, but buying from them at this stage can offer you a few benefits that you won’t get elsewhere.

1. Responsive, helpful during the buy process

Putting down money into the deposit and final product was a bit scary on my end. While I had visited their location and met them in person before buying, it was still a nontrivial amount to send over the wire. It suffices to say that they are the real deal.

They built the van according to my requests, delivered it to my location (I live about 80 minutes away), and remained communicative during the build process.

2. Willing to work with you to optimize van life

I work remotely and wanted to optimize for desk space + include a monitor mount. Many builders were not willing to work with my requests. On the other hand, Alfredo worked with me to build it to the specifications that I was seeking. He changed the layout of the van to maximize counter space and had to engineer a way to shape the shower stall to contour with the curve of the van side door.

Even after delivering the van, he and Cesar helped me test turning EV stations into charge points for the van. I am super appreciative of the continued support as I figure out how to live van life according to my needs.

3. Prompt, lasting, and friendly support

What guarantee or warranty would there be with the build? What if something went wrong? Would you be on your own? Nay sir/madame. Before buying, I expressed some of my concerns with Alfredo. He told me that any problems or issues I had, they would work with me to resolve ASAP.

I’m about 6 months into van life and we’ve corresponded multiple times throughout my ownership. All three of them stand by their work and live up to their word. On at least 3 occasions, they’ve driven out to where I was (sometimes 90 min away) to address issues / provide support–even when it was user error (me lol).

When I had other issues/questions, one of them would contact me and verbally walk me through what I needed to do. I really couldn’t imagine a better experience with my vehicle.

If you’re considering moving into van life as either a weekend adventurer or a full-time vagrant, I recommend booking a consult with them. At the very least, you should check out their Instagram. The builds are actual works of art.

Anthony C.

No need to shop around! We saw the first van that Alfredo and the guys built, and immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, the first build had already sold but they got back to us regardless and I told them I want the next one. We put down a deposit immediately.

Putting money down on something so big and so important in our life without having seen it in person was a big deal for us. I can’t emphasize enough how glad we are that we did it. From the first meeting, through the process, seeing the final product, and customer service since, these guys have been incredible!

I don’t think I have seen a Van before or since, that I like better than ours. The quality of materials, craftsmanship, and options we got to choose from, make this truly the van of our dreams.

Thank you Tera Vans!

Chris & Anna



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